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Exploring Eco-Friendly Fun: 5 Boardgames by Singaporean and Malaysian Designers for Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, there's no better time to discover five exciting games that educate players about the environment and conservation. From card games to board games, these interactive experiences offer fun ways to celebrate and learn about our planet.

1) RecycleRight

Publisher: The Eco Statement

Introducing a Singaporean eco card game, the #RecycleRight Card Game makes learning about recycling engaging and fun. Developed as part of the 'Get into the Game of Recycling' project funded by The National Environment Agency (NEA), this set of 52 cards offers multiple gameplay options, providing hours of entertainment while teaching players about recycling. Perfect for classrooms, homes, picnics and gatherings, it serves as an effective edutainment tool while being an enjoyable way to bond with others.

2) The Karang Guni Trail

Publisher: The Eco Statement

The Karang Guni Trail is a Singaporean eco board game. This innovative game set, which includes two board games and a sticker activity, makes learning about recycling fun and engaging. Developed as part of the 'Get into the Game of Recycling' initiative funded by NEA, this game serves as an effective edutainment tool for cultivating green habits at home and in classrooms. With its blend of entertainment and environmental education, it promises endless fun and enlightenment while learning about #RecycleRight.

3) Reef Stakes

Publisher: Reef Stakes

Reef Stakes is a Malaysian marine-themed role-playing card game. Crafted by young conservation professionals, the game mirrors real-world stakeholder dynamics, acquainting players with Malaysia's most iconic marine biodiversity and coral reef threats. The game has two tracks and players assume one of six roles at random, each being tasked with three specific missions reflecting real-life priorities. As players strategically navigate the game, cooperation and even sabotage are vital tactics to achieve victory.

4) My Rainforest

Publisher: Specky Studio

In this game, players are forest conservationists trying to preserve Malaysian rainforests. Through careful management and strategic play, players aim to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem by placing species to form food webs. As the ecosystem flourishes, players earn victory points, with the most successful forest conservationist emerging victorious. So get ready to embark on a journey guided by stunning illustrations of Malaysian rainforest species, which include plants, animals and insects.

5) Fly-A-Way

Publisher: Playlogue Creations

Fly-A-Way is an engaging board game where players become conservationists aiding migratory birds along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. With stunning illustrations and strategic gameplay, players navigate challenges to ensure birds complete their autumn journey safely. Compete to save birds, gather public support and earn points in this family-friendly game that sparks conversations on bird migration and conservation.

These five games offer not only entertainment but also a meaningful way to connect with and appreciate our planet on Earth Day. So gather your friends and family, dive into these immersive experiences and lets celebrate and cherish our Earth together through gaming!


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