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5 Singaporean-Crafted Finance Games to Explore During Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month so there's no better time to discover some fun and educational games that teach money management and investment skills. In this article, we'll explore five exciting games by Singaporean designers that make learning about financial literacy entertaining and accessible.

1) Zombielife Insurance

Publisher: Capital Gains Studio

In Zombielife Insurance, you have to navigate a world overrun by a zombie virus while aiming to accumulate wealth through strategic decisions amidst the chaos. As a salaryman caught in the epidemic, you must choose between investing, purchasing protective gear, or buying insurance policies to protect against the different stages of zombification. The game focuses on educating the players on the different types of insurance, how they work and their purposes. Will you make bank while surviving the zombie outbreak? Or will you purchase that insurance policy for the payout in case you become a zombie?

2) Wongamania: Banana Economy

Publisher: Capital Gains Studio

In Wongamania: Banana Economy, you assume the role of a wealthy elite residing in Banana Republic, a nation engulfed in political instability. Your goal? To optimize your investments in Stocks, Properties, and Bonds by tactically shaping government policies and economic dynamics. Protect your assets with insurance against meddling acquaintances seeking to cause illness or orchestrate accidents. Accumulate a trust fund to prevail in this fierce competition. This game doubles as an educational resource, providing valuable lessons in risk management, investment strategies, and estate planning. Perfect for individuals seeking a thorough grasp of financial principles.

3) Rockstar Portfolio Manager

Publisher: T3 Gaming Studio

A billionaire has chosen promising multi-asset portfolio managers to manage his wealth and given them seed capital. In this game, you are one of those portfolio managers and have to prove your worth by building the largest value investment portfolio over the course of the market cycles. Every round introduces a new scenario and you will have to make strategic decisions based on partial information and action cards to maximise your investment gains. The game concludes when all scenario cards are exhausted, with the winner being the player who has the highest portfolio value.

4) Affluent

Publisher: Patrick Chang

A fun and exciting game, Affluent lets you improve your level of financial literacy and financial capabilities in a matter of minutes through interactive gameplay! As a wealth management card game, you have to strategically invest in financial instruments such as growth funds, income funds, gold and endowment through simulated real-world incidents and events. The game's dynamic nature mirrors the unpredictability of market conditions, challenging you to devise effective wealth accumulation strategies and manage risks. By navigating through the ups and downs of Bull and Bear markets, players aim to grow their wealth while safeguarding its value against unforeseen disasters. Carefully plan out your strategy to accumulate wealth; the player who achieves most of their financial dreams is the winner!

5) Cryptocurrency

Publisher: Capital Gains Studio

In the game Cryptocurrency, players delve into the world of digital currencies while simultaneously gaining insights into the realm of cryptocurrency scams. Through interactive gameplay and educational resources, participants learn to identify and avoid common fraudulent practices in the world of cryptocurrency. By analyzing market trends and assessing the credibility of investment opportunities, players develop critical thinking skills essential for navigating the cryptocurrency landscape. The game's immersive experience not only provides knowledge about cryptocurrencies but also equips players with practical skills in risk assessment and fraud prevention, empowering them to make informed decisions and safeguard their assets in the real world.

So there you have it, a quick look at five Singaporean-designed financial games creators to kickstart Financial Literacy Month. From exploring investment complexities to sharpening risk management skills, these games offer an interactive and engaging pathway to enhancing financial literacy. Let's embrace this opportunity to learn and grow within the immersive world of gaming, paving the way for a month filled with valuable insights and a strengthened grasp of financial management principles.


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