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5 Asian Tabletop Games To Play During Christmas 2023

Amidst the holiday season, nurturing connections with family and friends takes center stage. Tabletop games offer a concise path to bonding, fostering laughter and camaraderie. What are some of the top 5 Asian games you can check out this Xmas? We pick some of our favorites for 2023.

1) Christmas Tree

Publisher: Taiwan Boardgame Design

Set collection card game

In the festive delight of the Christmas Tree game, players embark on a spirited quest to collect an array of enchanting decorations. Designed by Taiwanese designer Zong-Hua Yang, this engaging set collection card game invites strategic maneuvering as participants aim to amass similar Christmas items, trading them cleverly for coveted victory points. However, the yuletide challenge lies in the risk of losing prized ornaments if a rival swiftly trades cards of the same type. With each turn holding the potential for holiday cheer or strategic setbacks, Christmas Tree promises a spirited and joyous tabletop experience for family and friends alike.

2) What Truly Matters

Publisher: Happiness Initiative

Conversational card game

"What Truly Matters" is a unique card game exploring Love, Personal Growth, and Career through thought-provoking questions. With 150 beautifully designed cards, it encourages meaningful conversations, fostering self-reflection and insight. It creates a safe space for sharing reflections and gaining feedback. Ideal for Christmas gatherings, it deepens connections among family and friends, providing a festive opportunity to explore values, aspirations, and goals together. The game's engaging format facilitates a joyous atmosphere, making it a perfect addition to holiday celebrations, promoting understanding and connection during the festive season.

3) Awesome Women

Publisher: Awesome Woman

3-in-1 family card game

Meet the Awesome Women Card Game: a 3-in-1 family game inspiring kids to embrace awesomeness through play! Combining elements from "Happy Families," "Memory Match," and "Cards against Humanity," it offers years of entertaining and educational fun. With 10 categories and 40 iconic women, it introduces players to inspiring female figures. Each purchase supports a cause, donating an English children's book to World Vision's project. Perfect for Christmas, it encourages family bonding and education, making it an ideal festive gift that combines fun with a meaningful contribution, fostering understanding and empowerment during the holiday season.

4) Dream Diary

Publisher: Capital Gains Studio

A co-operative deduction game

Embark on a festive adventure with a twist! A peculiar light transports your party to a parallel universe, where you become special spirits. To find your way home in this uncanny city, follow your dreams while avoiding nightmares. The catch? Communication is limited to "adjectives," and teammates respond with hand gestures. This cooperative game, set against dreamlike illustrations of a Asian city, invites players to work together, asking yes-or-no questions to dispel nightmares and uncover dreams. Perfect for Christmas, it blends holiday cheer with an immersive experience, providing a unique and entertaining way for friends and family to connect during the festive season.

5) Box Dungeon

Game Designer: Aden Ng

A minimalist team-based table-top RPG

Discover Box Dungeon, a portable tabletop RPG experience by fantasy author and Singaporean game designer Aden Ng. This minimalist team-based game, inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, offers a quick setup and easy learning curve for on-the-go RPG enjoyment. With over 60 unique playable cards, create your perfect adventurer, limited only by imagination. Even without dungeon master experience, utilize 60+ map and event cards to weave different stories each playthrough. Compact and versatile, Box Dungeon is an ideal Christmas game, fostering festive gatherings as friends and family delve into a captivating world of creativity, strategy, and endless adventure within the confines of a festive box.

Celebrate Xmas using games!

This Christmas, tabletop games emerge as the perfect catalyst for familial bonds and festive joy. In a world often dominated by digital distractions, these analog treasures create an intimate space for shared laughter, friendly competition, and meaningful connections. Amidst the warmth of holiday gatherings, tabletop games provide a tangible and inclusive activity, fostering communication and camaraderie among family and friends. Whether strategizing in the Christmas Tree game or reveling in other classics, these games offer a timeless bridge between generations, creating cherished memories that embody the true spirit of the season – togetherness, laughter, and the joy of shared moments.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


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