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5 Card Games To Play During Singapore National Day

Gather family and friends on Singapore National Day for an exciting card game session! Unite in the spirit of camaraderie and competition as you bond over these enjoyable card games, making the celebration even more memorable and special.

1) Singapore 1889

Publisher: Mercat Games

Experience the allure of 19th-century Singapore with the enthralling card game, "Singapore 1889," perfect for celebrating NDP. Step into the shoes of Chinese merchants navigating the thriving trading hub governed by the British East India Company. As one of these merchants, your goal is to capitalize on the trade of precious commodities favored by the influential Ghee Hin Kongsi, a powerful secret society. Manoeuver your way through strategic trades and manipulate goods to increase their value while evading the watchful eye of the British, who seek to undermine the secret society's influence.

The game's dynamic interplay of strategy and luck ensures an engaging and unpredictable experience. Every move becomes crucial as you vie for the secret society's favour and strive to gather the most valuable goods. Playing "Singapore 1889" during Singapore National Day adds significance to the occasion, allowing you to immerse yourself in the city's historical heritage. Gather your family and friends to relive the challenges faced by 19th-century merchants, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. Celebrate the resilient spirit of Singapore's past as you embark on this thrilling journey through time.

2) Protecc

Publisher: Protecc Celebrate NDP with the captivating card game "Protecc," designed for 3 to 8 players. Assume the role of a conservator, striving to preserve historically and culturally rich buildings while hindering opponents' progress in their own conservation efforts. Utilize strategic "attacc" and "protecc" cards to outsmart rivals, safeguarding your set of buildings to become the town's top conservator.

Beyond the fun-filled competition, "Protecc" serves a meaningful purpose: raising awareness about heritage conservation and the challenges faced in safeguarding Singapore's architectural treasures. By targeting opponents with misfortunes or governmental policies, players gain insights into the issues threatening these landmarks, deepening their appreciation for the nation's cultural heritage.

3) Going Postal

Publisher: Seitlich Games Experience an adrenaline-fueled postal adventure with "Going Postal." Become a postal worker racing against time to deliver parcels to fellow players. With simultaneous turns and shared action cards, the game offers swift and strategic gameplay.

Deliver parcels to maintain your job while earning points for a chance at victory. With a 6-parcel quota spread across 4 turns and 3 rounds, the pressure builds up as you compete for supremacy. Beware of the stakes; failing to complete all deliveries by the third round results in defeat. The ultimate champion is the one with the most points after the intense three-round postal race. Gather friends and family for a thrilling game, and see who can emerge as the ultimate postal worker. Can you handle the pressure, deliver with precision, and claim the title? Find out in this unforgettable card game adventure.

4) Politiko

Publisher: Centaur Games

Get ready to unleash some hilarious cross-country political antics with the uproarious card game "Politiko." Yes, you heard it right – a Malaysia political game during our festivities! Centaur Games proudly presents POLITIKO 3.0, where you'll dive into the zany world of realpolitik with a dash of extra spin.

Turn schemes into voters and voters into schemes, all while keeping a straight face and a strategic edge. Beware of those backroom plots – you never know when they might backfire on you! Choose from 10 distinct (and maybe eerily familiar) political parties, each with its own quirks and flaws. Can you lead them to victory and prove your political prowess? Get ready for some side-splitting and competitive adventure this National Day. "Politiko" is the perfect way to celebrate with laughter and a healthy dose of political satire. Who said politics couldn't be funny? Embrace the absurdity and let the games begin!

5) Oh My. Orchids!

Publisher: Origame

Calling all plant enthusiasts and nature lovers with the delightful card game "Oh My. Orchids!". Set in sunny Singapore, this game is tailor-made for those with green thumbs and a passion for plants.

In Oh My. Orchids!, you will showcase your gardening skills by cleverly gathering seeds and cultivating a stunning collection of Singaporean flowers, from vibrant heliconias to delicate orchids. The game's simple mechanics make it accessible to everyone, while the thorny decisions will keep even the seasoned players on their toes.

Gather your fellow plant aficionados and friends, and immerse yourselves in a fun-filled journey of horticulture and friendly competition on this special day. Embrace the joy of cultivating beautiful blooms while basking in the camaraderie of like-minded individuals. Oh My. Orchids! is the perfect way to revel in the wonders of nature and celebrate Singapore's National Day in the company of kindred spirits.


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