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Bearscape - Bringing an escape room to a tabletop experience!

Want to turn your room into an escape room? Now you can do it with Bearscape! Now available on SBD Shop.

You woke up from your deep slumber and stare ahead, but all you see are walls of grey and silver stretching to no end.

As you hear small distant explosions, you realise that your space station has been hit by meteors!

Bearscape is not a traditional escape game.

Enjoy a different escape game experience with this Escape Game in a Box!

Designed by Singapore's top experts in escape rooms -, Bearscape takes the years of experience of designing actual escape room to a tabletop experience! It comes with 4 scenarios and each scenarios will leave you racing for time in a heart pumping adventure!

For those who are interested in solving puzzles in a group, this game is definitely a must get for escape room lovers.

More information about the game can be found at website and is now available at SBD shop.


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