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Toxic People - An office politics game with sabo colleagues

Can you avoid dysfunctional work colleagues and navigate a toxic work environment? Now available on SBD Shop.

Toxic People is a card game that combines a unique blend of draw poker and action cards to bring office politics to a whole new level. You'll need a combination of luck and strategy to emerge the winner in this party game that is full of surprises! It is easy-to-learn, plays under an hour and supports up to 6 players.

Published by Ameba, which is also the publisher for Bad Boss and Bad Boss 2, Toxic People is the latest iteration of an office party game.

The game is great for that 2 hr pretend-to-be-meeting and kopi session with colleagues, while pretending to use the game as a brain storming tool if you are caught by your boss or nosy tell-tale colleagues.

The game is funded on Kickstarter on Sep 2021 and is now available at SBD shop. More information can be found on the company website.


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