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Cryptocurrency is the latest investment craze to hit the world and there are wealth and pitfalls in abundance. You need to assemble a team of experts to mine, trade and filter various rumors and compete with other cryptocurrency traders in a bid to make a fortune in this new investment frontier. Beware, one of the cryptocurrency in the game is a scam and it is up to you to spot the scam, before it destroys you financially!


Cryptocurrency is a 2-4 players game that puts the players in a competitive race to make the most amount of money from trading and mining cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency is the gold winner of 2019 International Serious Play Award and obtained IG Seal of Approval in 2020 Imagination Gaming Awards


🏠 Game Publisher: Capital Gains Studio

📦 Website:

Cryptocurrency - world's first award-winning board game that simulates how Crypt

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