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5 Designer Tabletop Games To Play During Hari Raya

Other than traditional games such as Congkak and Batik, what are some of the games that Malay families can try out during this Hari Raya? Here are 5 great family friendly games that you can use to entertain your friends and relatives!

1) Drama Pukul 7

Publisher: Meja Belakang

Fancy yourself to be an actor or actress in a typical Malaysian Malay soap opera or drama TV show where backstabbing and face shaming is a common tactic to pull down your fellow star and elevating your own status among the producers, directors and your adoring fans who are hungry for every piece of gossip? This is a game just for you! Drama Pukul 7 is a for 2-6 players card game where all the player compete among themselves by shaming (attack) other player to completely destroy each other’s Dignity and Face Value. To add more jazz to the game, you can grab a copy of the expansion pack: Pack Gelang Pink, which was designed during COVID-19, to pass down the social message of safe distancing and all the safety health measures.. but with a wicked sense of drama humor.

2) Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager

Publisher: Box Fox Games

Every year, the supermarkets are packed with festive goodies during the Ramadan period.. But what are the behind the scenes like as a store manager of such a supermarket? In Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager, you and your friends are entrepreneurs who had the same brilliant idea of opening up a supermarket and vying to become the richest supermarket tycoon in town. Players have to stock up an inventory of goods, manage their employees and trying to meet the demand based on the sales forecast in order to rake that sweet sweet cash in. This game also features deckbuilding with the likes of Dominion. So if you are looking for a heavier game with a good strategic depth and learn some sound business management practices, this game may be something you may enjoy.

3) Nak Makan Apa?

Publisher: Meja Belakang

"Nak Makan Apa" is a Malay phrase that translates to "What do you want to eat?" or "What would you like to have for a meal?" It is a common question that is often asked when people are trying to decide where or what to eat. This game puts you in the typical situation where you and your friends are unable to decide what to eat as a group and only one of you will have the best idea to finally decide what the best choice for you based on your collective appetite! Featuring deliciously drawn South East Asian food such as Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai, playing this game will help you whet your appetite, before you start feasting on all the delicious meals during the festive season.

4) Kantin Wars

Publisher: Classroom Adventures

A real food fight that broke out in a school canteen and you need to throw food at each other...until the Discipline Teacher shows up and punishes all the naughty students. Designed by actual teachers, there is an educational message behind the game, that is for people to talk about their high school experience and hopefully get them to think about what actually happens on the ground, where there are still many students going to school hungry, and what can be done to help them. Kantin Wars will remind players of the food you enjoyed back in school, while also allowing you to sabo the people around you. Do you want to throw Ayam Goreng at your opponent while trying to dodge a bowl of Mee Kari that is flying your way? Than this fun and chaotic game will guarantee non-stop fun and laughter!

5) Say What? Learn Bahasa Melayu Card Game

Publisher: Neon Neko

Visiting a Malay family during Hari Raya and wanting to greet them in Bahasa Melayu to impress your host? Here is the perfect language game for this purpose! With illustration is inspired by all the cute and wonderful animals of Malaysia - Orang Utan and the mono colour Tapir and the biggest funky smelling flower, The Rafflesia, this game will take you through a learning adventure where the player can learn how to read and pronounce those Melayu words better. The game comes with audio voice clips to help you further with the pronunciation is on the publisher's website.


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