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Asian Boardgame Festival 2023 - Highlights and Interviews

Asian Boardgame Festival came to a close on 26th Nov. What are some of the highlights of the show? SBD takes you through a whirlwind tour with videos and interviews.

Singapore recently played host to the much-anticipated Asian Board Games Festival (ABGF) in 2023, offering an immersive and expansive experience for board game enthusiasts. As the largest board games event in the country, ABGF served as a vibrant platform where friends and families came together to explore diverse cultures through the engaging world of board games.

Highlights from ABGF 2023:

In comparison to the 2022 edition, ABGF 2023 proved to be an event that exceeded expectations. The festival showcased an increase in the number of publishers and games, almost doubling the figures from the previous year. Spanning three locations, the event boasted over 60 demo tables. These tables were hosted by publishers and game creators who had traveled from different parts of Asia.

SBD presents a captivating series of interviews that takes you on a journey through the vibrant world of tabletop gaming in Asia. Our exclusive conversations with designers and publishers from Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Korea offer a fascinating glimpse into the diverse and innovative tabletop gaming landscape of the region. Each interview showcases the unique narratives, design philosophies, and cultural influences that shape the tabletop games emerging from these countries. From the intricate game mechanics of Japan to the rich storytelling of Vietnam, Indonesia, and the immersive experiences crafted in Korea, these interviews celebrate the creativity and passion fueling the evolution of tabletop gaming in Asia. Join us as we uncover the stories behind the games and the visionaries who bring them to life.

A Glimpse into ABGF's Essence:

ABGF was not just a gathering of board game enthusiasts; it was an opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of Asian board games. The festival showcased a myriad of publishers and games from across the continent, creating an atmosphere that fostered cultural exchange and shared experiences. Asian tabletop games distinguish themselves by immersing players in rich cultural themes rarely explored in Western counterparts. Instead of conventional fantasy settings, these games often draw inspiration from ancient myths, folklore, and historical events rooted in Asian heritage. The artwork intricately captures the vibrant tapestry of Asian aesthetics and showcase some of the local pop culture that are little known outside of the region. This unique blend offers players a refreshing perspective, fostering appreciation for the diverse narratives and artistic expressions embedded in Asia's rich cultural tapestry.

Asia's tabletop gaming growing from strength to strength!

As the ABGF 2023 concludes, it's worth noting an event that exceeded expectations, bringing together board game enthusiasts from various parts of Asia. The festival's success reflects the commitment and participation of designers, publishers, and attendees, who gathered to acknowledge the diverse world of tabletop gaming in Asia. ABGF 2023 successfully incorporated diversity, creativity, and the shared joy of gaming. There is a high anticipation for next year with more designers and games from more Asian nations and the event is poised to be a highlight for Asia games in the world of board gaming. Until then, may dice rolls be satisfactory, strategies adequate, and passion for tabletop gaming endure.

See you at ABGF 2024!


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