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Want to learn Chinese Characters but find it hard? Do all the symbols and text look the same? We feel you.


Now you can play with your friends and family to learn to recognize Chinese Characters like a shifu with our fun Haha Hanyu card game.


We collaborated with a Chinese Lao Shi - Claire Yue and we tested on bananas (westernised chinese who can’t read characters, our founder is one of them), kids, non native speakers and gamers, within a few games, they managed to master few characters recognition.


Play with your language learning friends, family or even compete with your native Chinese speakers to spark the joy of learning for you.


104 cards. 100 Beautifully Designed Cards, 1 about Say What, 1 How to Play, 1 About our Claire Lao Shi and 1 Audio.

Lai xue xi haha hanyu!


🏠 Game Publisher: NEON NEKO

📦 Website:

Say What? Let's Learn Haha Hanyu Level 1

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