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Eh saw the Say What? cards at play ah? And loved the concept of the game issit? How about kapok a deck for yourself for some firsthand Singlish fun?


High quality deck of 54 Singlish dialect playing cards siah. Includes 50 rich Singlish words or terms to use in everyday life, with 4 other cards on Gameplay, About, Discounts (wah discount leh!) and local Voice Clips respectively. Damn kilat.


Beautifully illustrated hor and guaranteed endless entertainment for friends and family ok. Mai tu liao (don't wait any longer). Chop chop curry pop and order now.


Audio voice clips to help you further with the pronunciation is on this website under Audio.


🏠 Game Publisher: NEON NEKO

📦 Website:

Say What? Learn Singlish Card Game

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