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Seen the SayWhat? cards at play and loved the concept of the game? How about snagging a deck for yourself for some firsthand OMOSHIROII Japanese fun?


This is an unique piece where we collaborate with an amazing illustrator, Ellen Winata. Check out her instagram @elenwinata.


High quality deck of 52 Japanese playing cards. Includes 24 Verb Cards (Blue Cards) and 24 Noun Cards (Red Cards), with 4 other cards on Gameplay, About, Discounts and Voice Clips respectively.


Beautifully illustrated and guaranteed endless entertainment for friends and family. Now you can be the Japanese Champion, Ganbatte!


Audio voice clips to help you further with the pronunciation is on this website under Audio.


🏠 Game Publisher: NEON NEKO

📦 Website:

Say What? Learn Japanese Card Game

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