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Saucy Grannies is a competitive, light and family-friendly card game featuring blind bidding, card drafting and set collection mechanics.


You play as a granny participating in a neighbourhood cook-off where the sauce is everything.

Score points by sending your family members to the market to purchase choice ingredients, call up your granny friends for their signature sauce recipes and impress the judges by making the best sauces at your disposal!

The player with the most points after 9 rounds is declared the sauciest granny!


You'll love Saucy Grannies if you:

- Enjoy collection and building games.

- Delight in outwitting your friends with sneaky tactics.

- Thrive on uncertainty by capitalising on probability.

- Are looking for a light, introductory game that can be taught in 5 and played in 30 minutes.


🏠 Game Publisher: Jonas Yeo

Saucy Grannies

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