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Singapore's First Eco Board Game and Card Game for ages 5+.


When it comes to cultivating green habits in classrooms and at home, games are more effective than Google search.

So, if you find Recycling boring; we added lots of fun to it with the #RecycleRight Card Game.

A set of 52 cards that can be played in multiple ways; have hours of #fun at the same time learn more about #RecycleRight.

A fast-paced game that generates lots of laughter & fun.

It acts an easy and engaging edutainment tool.

An easy time-filler or bonding activity before or after dinner, at picnics, or when you have guests over.

It is also an ideal as a meaningful birthday gift.

It is ideal as a return gift for birthdays or any other events.


The #RecyleRight Card Game was created as part of the project 'Get into the Game of Recycling' in collaboration with NEA.


🏠 Game Publisher: The Eco Statement

RecycleRight card game

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