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Protecc and Attacc Singapore's unique buildings to be the best conservator through this illustrative family-friendly card game.


Protecc is a game for 3 to 8 players. It is all about you trying to hinder your opponents’ progress in trying to conserve the historically and culturally rich buildings in Singapore, while you become successful in conserving your own set of buildings to prove that you are the best conservator in town. Hinder their conservation process by targeting them with misfortunes or governmental policies as you set up the steps needed to conserve your own on the side! The game’s objective is to make the players aware of the conservation process and the issues that threaten it through the usage of attacc (attack) and protecc (defence) cards on the selected building cards in the game.


🏠 Game Publisher: Protecc.Game

📦 Website:

Protecc - a game to conserve Singapore's history

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