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The two opposing sides hold important information to find the insider who has been hiding in the royal court for so long.

Can you use your genius brain and advanced deduction skills to investigate the truth of the matter?


To start the game, choose one card to be the insider and place it face down.

Then, place one card face up on the table to be the Innocent.

The remaining cards are used for dealing.

The first player receives seven cards, and the following player receives six cards.


Players take turns exchanging information by giving a card from their hand to their opponent.

They must then provide familiar information about the card, such as whether it belongs to a row of consecutive numbers or if it is part of a pair with the same color or number.


If a player is unable or unwilling to exchange information, they must take the Accuse Insider action. This involves guessing the number and color of the face-down card.

If they guess correctly, they receive two points.

If they guess incorrectly, their opponent receives one point.


The first player to reach three points wins.


🏠 Game Publisher: Ngu Hanh Games

Phan Gian counterspy game

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