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Players assume the roles of Sushi enthusiasts who fell asleep and entered a strange dreamland where they get to eat Sushi. Will it be a sweet tasty dream or a nightmare of disgust?


The game is played over 4 rounds. Each round consists of the following phases:

1. Choose Cards - Players choose a grade of Sushi card and Ability card from their hand.

2. Eat Sushi - Players choose a piece of sushi by placing their Player token.

3. Reveal Cards - Reveal all Sushi and Ability cards.

4. Scoring - Players will be awarded with Gold and Penalty points.


Players can win the game with one of these victory conditions:

• After 4 rounds, players will determine their final score by adding their final Gold points and then subtracting their Penalty points.

• The first player(s) to reach 10 Penalty points wins the game.


🏠 Game Publisher: Good Spirit Games

📦 Website:

Nightmares of Sushi

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