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Save Humanity with a Growth Mindset!


Mindset Jump is designed to help our young ones learn about Growth and Fixed Mindset through a fun and engaging game. The game is designed with tiered difficulty levels so that children of all ages (and even adults!) can play and learn something new each time.


- The game is developed based on the research on Growth and Fixed Mindsets by Carol Dweck.

- Immersive gameplay adapted from the classic Snakes & Ladders, with a Space adventure twist!

- Three ways to play the game with different difficultly levels depending on the age of the players!

- Whether you are a teacher, parent or coach, this is a powerful tool to help children learn about Growth Mindset!



This game is designed for ages 7+ and can be played with your friends, family

and even students!


🏠 Game Publisher: Happiness Initiative Pte Ltd (a Social Enterprise registered with raiSE)

📦 Website:

Mindset Jump Board Game

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