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Most Pinoys know who Darna and Ding are, plus the ‘mahiwagang bato’ (enchanted stone) that lets ‘Narda’ become a superhero when she swallows it. To the people who don’t know, Darna is a female Pinoy superhero seen onscreen in 1951 and in a comic book series created by Mars Ravelo. If you think of Darna as Wonder Woman’s Pinoy counterpart; yes, you’re right.


If you’re a fan, we bring good news: Darna now has a card game! (Get the chance to shout ‘DARNA’ when you play this game with your family and friends.)


🏠 Game Publisher: Ludus Distributors


Produced by ABS-CBN Corporation and Balangay Entertainment, Inc., Mars Ravelo’s “DARNA at Ang Nawawalang Bato” is a card game for ages 14 and above that lets you be ‘Darna’ when you win the game. The goal is to simply find the ‘Puting Bato’ and be the one to shout ‘Darna!’



Darna Card Game - By Mars Ravelo

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