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Dancing Queen is a 2-player, 9-card game about bringing friends to a dance party. You and your opponent both have in mind a particular dance to perform. Will you get your way? How many boys and girls should you bring? Will you bring a girl secretly dressed up as a boy to foil your opponent’s plans?

Both players start with a secret goal, and need to manipulate the gender mix in play to fulfil their goals. There are opportunities to swap your secret goal and to change the gender of a dancer. When a round ends, you reveal your goals to compare who has done better. There are instant-win conditions on some cards. If you manage to achieve these feats, you win a round immediately.

This short and tricky card game features bluffing, setting traps, pushing your luck and reading your opponent.

🏠 Game Publisher: Cili Padi Games

📦 Website:

Dancing Queen - a dance party card game

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