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As seen on the popular Kickstarter campaign with $9000 raised in 30 days from 200 backers, meet Brew & Fool! "Brew & Fool!" is a card game designed by local card game designers which uses deception, betrayal and magic.


Players compete to become the best alchemist in the kingdom by brewing a magical potion using the 10 mythical ingredients cards scattered in the deck. Protect your own cauldron while stealing from and sabotaging the other alchemists. But beware, the Ministry of Magic has imposed rules to protect the royal alchemist, so seize your opportunity and plan your strategy against the Royal Alchemist! Play with 4 to 8 players and enjoy a game night full of laughter and banter with your loved ones!


🏠 Game Publisher: The Fun Theory SG

📦 Website:

Brew and Fool - a party game to be the top alchemist

Colour: White
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