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Do you still remember when you were in elementary school and taking Mandarin classes to look up radicals in a Mandarin dictionary to find Chinese characters? Do you still remember the radicals or letter parts of each Chinese character?


The Chinese character legends has arrived in "Radical Chapter", which will challenge everyone's understanding of Chinese characters and radicals.


Number of people: 2-4 people

Time: 15 minutes

Age: 7 years and above


In [Legend of Chinese Characters "Radical Chapter"], players must quickly write several characters with the same radical within the specified time. In addition to competing with others for speed and accuracy, it will also test each other's tacit understanding and understanding of Chinese characters. Whether you have rich knowledge, the process is compact, and the laughter is constant. It is an educational and entertaining board game suitable for all ages. It is definitely not to be missed.


🏠 Game Publisher: Emperor S4

Legend of Chinese Words: Radicals 漢字傳說《部首篇》

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