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Kickstarter Launch - Hustle! A Singaporean Card Game

Stuck without a job, you have to hustle to find jobs in one of the most expensive city in the world - Singapore. Can you thrive while surviving all the sabotages from your friends?

Hustle: A Singaporean Card Game is a funny and simple card game that lets players hustle in different kinds of work, to reach their goals, and sabotage their friends. The game uses familiar mechanics from Monopoly Deal where players draw 2 cards and perform 3 actions. The cards you draw may consist of Hustle cards or Action cards. The Action cards allow players to sabotage other players or prevent sabotage. When players play a Hustle card, you will need to roll a die to see if you succeed or not. If you succeed, you will earn Cash cards which you can use to exchange them for Goal cards. The player with the most Goals, wins!

The concept of 'Hustle: A Singaporean Card Game' arose when the creator was considering the impact of the pandemic, and the massive disruptions it had caused to lives, jobs and communities. Amidst the chaos, there were stories of individuals who had found out ways to secure their financial independence and stay afloat through a variety of means - admittedly, both legal and illegal.

If you enjoy a light game with a dash of Singaporean humor, this may be a game for you. The Kickstarter ends on 7th October 2022. The game is designed by Singaporean designer, Ah Long (Obviously a fake name) and is published by Hustle Singapore.

You can find out more about the game here:


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