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Kickstarter launch - Grab Your Breakfast

Is breakfast your favourite meal of the day? Check out this Kickstarter which features a family light drafting game about grabbing the heartiest breakfast possible!

In Grab Your Breakfast, your goal is to complete as many sets as you can and end the game with the most points. Players can collect bonus cards to add more points to your sets too. However, there are limited bonus cards so not everyone will get to have a scrumptious breakfast meal! Players who have incomplete sets will have scores deducted so be careful when picking your cards. The game will end when all the cards on the table are removed and the players with the highest points, wins!

The Kickstarter campaign ends on 26th May 2022. The publisher of Grab You Breakfast has also designed office satire games such as "Bad Boss", "Bad Boss 2" and "Toxic People". If you are a fan of Sushi Go and Happy Dim Sum and is looking for a simple to play, family friendly game with cute smiley food, this may be the game that you can check out!

You can find out more about the game here:


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