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Kickstarter Launch - Buffet Boss

Do you have nimble fingers and love to stack things? Buffet Boss makes player stack food meeples on top of a wobbly bowl and the higher you stack, the more points you earn!

Buffet Boss is a 2 to 5 players game where players draft a card food from a central pile. Players than pick up the food meeple, similar to the card food you pick up and place it on top of a wobbly bowl. The higher you pile, the more points you will earn. Each player will have a character card that scores differently based on the types of food you place on your bowl. The player with the highest point, wins!

The game comes with cute meeples at an affordable price. The Kickstarter ends on 6th November 2022. The game is designed by Singaporean designer, Daryl Chow and is published by Origame.

Find out more about the project at the link below:


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