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TableCon Quest 2024 - Highlights and Interviews

TableCon Quest 2024, the first of its kind and likely one of Singapore's largest tabletop events, was held at Suntec Convention Centre. It saw enthusiastic crowds, diverse games, industry talks, and exclusive demos. The event brought together gaming communities and industry leaders, creating a memorable experience for all attendees.

TableCon Quest 2024 has come to a close, leaving behind a trail of excitement and unforgettable memories for tabletop gaming enthusiasts in Singapore. Held on June 22-23 at Suntec Convention Centre, the event successfully brought together diverse gaming communities.

At the event, attendees were treated to a wide variety of tabletop content, ranging from board and card games to miniatures and tabletop RPG experiences. Exclusive demos were a highlight, with Tsuburaya showcasing the full demo of their upcoming Ultraman TCG and Bushiroad introducing the new Shadowverse Evolve: Gloryfinder’s format. They were also giving out exclusive TableCon Quest 2024 promotional cards for Cardfight!! Vanguard and Weiß Schwarz, much to the delight of fans.

One of the standout features of TableCon Quest 2024 was the presence of international special guests. Satoshi Nakamura from Yuhodo and Eiji Shishido from Tsuburaya Productions graced the event, engaging with fans and sharing insights about their games. Their sessions were a hit, offering attendees a rare opportunity to interact with key figures from the industry.

The Singapore Games Association (SGGA) also held its annual Industry Day at the event, featuring talks from industry veterans who shared their journeys and offered valuable tips for aspiring game developers. This was a great addition for those interested in the behind-the-scenes aspects of game creation and the industry as a whole.

Local talent was well-represented, with Singaporean game designers showcasing their made-in-Singapore tabletop games. This not only highlighted the creative potential within the local community but also gave these game designers a platform to reach a broader audience.

"The marketing of TableCon Quest was done very well, and the crowd has been great!" says Xeo Lye, Co-founder of Capital Gains Studio, a Singaporean indie game publisher. "It's been non-stop game demonstrations to a receptive crowd, and my voice still hasn't recovered yet from all the enthusiastic discussions and feedback. The energy and interest from the attendees have been incredible. Sales for the event have been excellent as well. Looking forward to next year!"

The event was packed with activities, including game demos, sessions and a board game library for attendees to enjoy. The atmosphere was electric, with both new and seasoned players coming together to share their love for tabletop gaming.

TableCon Quest distinguished itself from other tabletop events in Singapore by offering a comprehensive experience that catered to various gaming genres. It successfully united different communities, much like how GameStart Asia brought together diverse gaming interests in the past.

As the event wrapped up, the enthusiasm and joy shared among participants were undeniable. The challenges of starting a new event were met with strong support from publishers, partners and the gaming community. This positive response sets a promising tone for the future of TableCon Quest.

Looking ahead, the team behind TableCon Quest hopes to make this an annual event, continuing to grow alongside the industry and the community. With the success of this year’s event, the anticipation for next year’s TableCon Quest is already building.

For those who couldn't attend, be sure to visit for more information and follow their social media channels for updates. We look forward to seeing you at the next TableCon Quest, where even more excitement, fun and unforgettable memories await. See you next year!


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