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Need a Boardgame Hangout at West Coast? Check Out Ignite Spaces!

Located just a stone throw away from Har Paw Villa MRT, Ignite Spaces promises a new space place for people to game and chill. Featuring a ton of tabletop and digital games, this space promises to be a new games haven!

Q: Please give the readers a short introduction about yourself and your organization. What is your role? What is your organization about? What is your “origin” story?

Hello everyone! My name is Jon and I run Ignite Spaces – A gaming hub and tabletop haven. Ignite Spaces was founded because we just wanted to have a place to have fun. Things feel like they get so complicated without ever getting any easier. We just wanted everyone to have a place they can disconnect and play without having all the space restraints that unfortunately plague so many places in Singapore. So, we turned a large co-working space into a co-playing space!

Q: You recently launched Ignite Spaces. Do share what is this initiative about and what inspired you to launch such an initiative?

The initiative behind Ignite Spaces is a simple one. Keep. It. Fun. Our aim is to provide the absolute best space possible. Full stop. So, bring your friends and see the space for yourself. You won’t be disappointed at what we have managed to accomplish so far.

Q: What is the mission, vision or guiding principles of Ignite Spaces? What are the kind of products and services that will be available and who do you think are the people who will be interested?

Our mission at Ignite Spaces is to do nothing more and nothing less than to provide the best space to play and meet up with your groups and communities. We want to be the home base to all of the communities out there that need a base of operation. Come and play with us at our public tables or if you prefer, we have a number of private rooms with various experiences as well. Host your group or team meeting here or attend a workshop here. We have the best spaces for it! Now just bring your best people! Or your worst people! We don’t discriminate!

Q: What is the environment at Ignite Spaces like? Any quirks or interesting stories you would like to share?

The environment of Ignite Space is meant to be warm, welcoming, and inviting. We want to cater to as many different people as we can. Different people have different needs for our rooms and our tables and all we want to do is enable them in any way that we can. Ultimately people just want to play fun games with their friends with room to actually breathe. And we want to make sure you never have to chope a table at fast-paced boardgame cafés or cram into small shops to do so.

Q: What are the future plans for Ignite Spaces?

The future is bright for ignite. We want to make this THE home base. For all the players out there, even if you don’t know that you are one quite yet. We want to give your community a home. A home to play in but not have to clean up afterwards. Where the family are the ones you choose and the good times are now. We are going to have a number of themed events, marathons, gaming tournaments both tabletop and digital, workshops. It’s all just the beginning and we are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Q: Where can we find Ignite Spaces? Where can we find out more about this initiative?

Find us located right across the street from Haw Par Villa MRT station at 27 Westcoast Highway, Westway Building #02-08, 117867 or check out for more info!

Editorial Update 26/7/2023

We just received news that Ignite Spaces is moving away from Haw Par Villa and there are no news as of writing on what are their future plans. We will keep our reader updated on their future plans.


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