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Kickstarter launch - Fowl Play - A career card game.

A game of funky birds, wacky life events, and emu-sing bird puns to SPARK meaningful career conversations. Let's Flamingle!

Fowl Play is a highly interactive card game where players engage in career conversations and tap on the collective wisdom of their feathered friends to better ride the waves of their career journey.

Throughout the game, players will go through life events that reflect the common situations we face in our careers. Together as a flock, you and your little birdie friends will tap on the power of SPARK cards to strategize your best way forward.

Your triumph happens not only when you pass the trials of life, but also if you’ve acted as a great support to your fellow friends!

The Kickstarter campaign will end on 25th March 2022. If you are into an interesting game that allows people to share and discuss career advice and experience, here is a game with plenty of puns and fun bird illustrations to keep the conversation going!

You can find out more about the game here:


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