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Fancy coming up with a tabletop game for a school venture? This is what the 4 friends did

Totally noobs when it comes to tabletop games, the 4 friends became captivated with the idea of making one for their school venture and eventually launched it on Kickstarter successfully! Brew and Fool, a party game where players compete to be the best alchemist, was thus created as a result. We chatted with them to find out more about their journey.

Q: Please give the readers a short introduction about yourself and your game – Brew and Fool. What is the game about and what are its unique features?

Hi! My name is Samhita, and I am part of The Fun Theory, a group of 4 friends who decided to create our own tabletop card game and launch it through Kickstarter. We successfully launched and funded it in October 2020.

The game, Brew and Fool, situates the players as alchemists who are brewing potions. The goal of the game is to build the ‘ultimate potion’ first. This is done by acquiring cards and storing them in your personal ‘cauldron’. However, as everyone seeks to acquire cards, competition runs high. Sabotages and double crosses are made, with them often backfiring.

Our primary unique feature is that you can make tactical moves and decisions whenever it is not your turn. Traditional card games feature each player playing on their turn, but we decided to flip it, and as such, the game engages everyone throughout. Another unique feature is that the game’s difficulty can be varied through your own mindset. There are infinite layers you could think through to analyze a player’s moves, and plot your own move, or you could simply follow your heart and see how it turns out…

Q: What is the inspiration or motivation that made you decide to create this game?

My friends and I were pursuing a Minor in Entrepreneurship when the inspiration hit us. None of us knew much about the local tabletop game scene at the time, and since then, we have learnt so much. My friend JunHua gathered us all together and introduced us to the very basic idea of Brew and Fool! We were required to create an Entrepreneurship venture as a part of this Minor certification in our university, and it fit in perfectly. We knew we were pursuing a route that was much more difficult than most would have chosen, but we were enamored by the idea and determined to create Brew & Fool!

Q: Is there anything else you would like to change about the game, if you have the chance to publish it the second time?

When we first started out, as I mentioned earlier, we knew close to nothing about the local tabletop game scene. During the marketing stages of our game, we made so many friends and learned so much more. The amount of help and guidance we received was immeasurable. If we had the chance to publish it the second time, I would reach out to many more active members within this community during the game development stage itself, seeking to add to Brew & Fool in exciting new ways.

Q: How did you manage your budget and resources during development?

Thankfully, Kickstarter requires a minimal starting budget. Each of us in The Fun Theory contributed a certain amount to create a fund used for all our costs during development. These costs vary from Marketing to Design Costs and even our game samples we received from the manufacturer.

Q: Why did you decide to do crowdfunding for the game on Kickstarter? Is there any advice you would like to give to other budding creators?

Crowdfunding has much lower starting costs and was a great platform for us to base our game from. It was truly a blessing to launch our game on Kickstarter.

To other budding creators, I would say planning from the beginning is key. Budgeting every little cost and anticipating the worst-case scenario before the bulk of your work starts really shows you where to devote your time, attention, and money.

Q: How does your organization handle marketing for your brand and your game?

I was primarily in-charge of Marketing. I won’t give out all our secrets, but we set up a good social media presence on Instagram and used this as our base. We let our game speak for itself through our promotion, and built a brand based on unbiased opinions of our game.

Q: What are your views on the local game industry?

I think it is lovely how welcoming it is. I wish it would reach out to more youths, as who doesn’t love board games!

Q: Do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to enter the local tabletop game industry?

Do not be afraid to reach out for help. It might seem intimidating, but it truly is one of the most fun industries you could be in. Pick your team, because with the right team, it does not feel like work at all!

Q: Where can readers find out more about the game and where can they buy it?

If you would like to read or see more of our game, you can find it on Instagram at @brewandfool, where you can also contact us for any help or queries!

Our primary sales are done on Shopee via Singapore Boardgame Design. Do check us out if you are interested!


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